About Woody Weed Wander Group

The Woody Weed Wander Bushcare Group was established in late 2019 after the success of the Woody Weed Wander Event in the bushland area of Blackheath Memorial Park.

As the name suggests, the Group “wanders” to various sites that require woody weed removal/treatment work.

The Group predominantly works in the Upper Mountains, but would most likely consider site options in other parts of the Mountains.

The most common woody weeds that are removed/treated are Holly, Privet, Cotoneaster, small Pines, Himalayan Honeysuckle, Japanese Honeysuckle, Tree Lucerne, Broom, Gorse and Ivy.

In removing the woody weeds, the Group uses a range of techniques – handpulling seedlings/juveniles, rip-tear-busting vines, cutting and painting stems with herbicide and injecting herbicide into larger stems/trunks via a drill or hammer and chisel. Some woody weeds, such as Holly, require some preparation work in removing lower branches/layered stems to access the trunk for treatment.

Sites are suggested by the Group members and Council Natural Areas staff.

The sites are then assessed for safety, access and a range of options – challenge/ease, as well as ensuring that the site is within good bushland and that the area will receive follow-up work by Bushcare volunteers, Council Natural Areas staff and/or contractors.

The Group finds it very satisfying to work through a bushland area infested with woody weeds and see the immediate improvement.

In removing the woody weeds in bushland areas, it reduces the ongoing infestation of these weeds into other natural areas and private lands nearby.

So far, the Group has continued to work in the bushland area of Blackheath Memorial Park and have made a significant difference to that site.

Treating a pine tree by stem injection – Holly Walk October 2015 Photo: Council

The Group will be moving onto other sites in the near future, but will return to Blackheath Memorial Park to continue the work there later.

Don’t forget that a summary of your meeting details and Bushcare Officer is available https://www.bushcarebluemountains.org.au/groups/woody-weed-wander/

If you are interested in joining this Group or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Karen Hising, Bushcare Officer – khising@bmcc.nsw.gov.au or 4780 5623.

Volunteers treating the large Hollies – Holly Walk September 2017 Photo: Council
Holly Walk September 2017 Photo: Council
Holly Walk September 2017 Photo: Council
Live and Dead Holly – Holly Walk September 2017 Photo: Council