Although the Woody Weed Wander Bushcare Group has only been operational for less than two years, a substantial amount of work has been undertaken at various sites.

As the name suggests, we generally only undertake woody weed work in various areas of fairly good bushland – not degraded lands.

To date, we have primarily worked in the bushland area of Blackheath Memorial Park and have removed/treated a significant amount of various woody weeds, but particularly Holly.

Other sites that have been worked to a lesser extent include:

–  Bonnie Doon – Katoomba

–  Edge Of Porter’s Pass, Blackheath

–  Prince George Street, Blackheath (which now may become a Bushcare site in its own right)

Some of our work links closely with other Bushcare sites or work, such as a Remote Event connecting to our work on the urban edge of Porter’s Pass and also near a new Landcare site.

The Woody Weed Wander Bushcare Group is able to target woody weed plumes, reduce the density of the infestation, allow the surrounding native vegetation to recover and regenerate and lessen the spread of seeds, often via berries spread by birds (Holly, Privet Cotoneaster and other weed species).


The Woody Weed Wander Bushcare Group is always seeking opportunities to continue to assist the regeneration of fairly healthy bushland areas where there are infestations of woody weeds requiring removal /treatment.

As areas are suggested by volunteers and Environmental Council Officers, they are assessed for safety, access, relative health of surrounding bushland and interest from the Group.

In the future, we will continue work at:

–  Blackheath Memorial Park

–  Bonnie Doon, Katoomba

–  Edge of Porter’s Pass, Blackheath (during the cooler months)

–  Prince George Street, Blackheath (until it may become a Bushcare site)

–  North Lawson creekline

–  And also other sites!